Welcome to Koumus Auto Components

Koumus Auto Components is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of Plastic Injection Moulding components in the engineering field. We at Koumus Auto Components strive to meet customer expectation; which means designing, implementing and delivering quality as per your expectation.

At our organization we truly believe, the customer is King. Koumus Auto Components  manufactures all types of plastic moulds and mouldings with high quality as we meet, we greet and retain customers as quality occupies first place in our production policies.

Koumus Auto Components is well equipped to meet the growing needs of the plastic injection moulding market, providing a complete range of services and solutions.

As  Koumus Auto Components has been certified by ISO 9001 certification, we maintain the ISO standards as we have dedicated ourselves to supply all customers with the highest quality products, delivered on time, and at a competitive price; utilizing world class manufacturing and quality standards.

Koumus Auto Components has been established with the vision of being the home to the quality Engineering Plastic components. Koumus Auto Components aims to be the No. 1 company, among Plastic Injection Moulding Companies in manufacturing quality Engineering Plastic components. We manufacture quality products as we truly believe the customer is King in our business.